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Simple, Cost Effective

Data Solution for IOT devices

Global cellular connectivity for IoT devices. Scale deployments with a single, global SIM and connectivity platform in over 196 countries and 550 carriers.

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About Us

Founded in 2008, Resdora has over 8 years of experience in providing data solutions  IOT device manufactures and resellers.

Resdora is a specialist in the field of IOT connectivity. We focus on custom-made solutions and aim to provide the most efficient SIM card option to meet your connectivity needs. 

Resdora (Machine-to-Machine) communication is data transmission and measurement between electronic and mechanical devices without human intervention. As a partner with Resdora , you get one provider to fulfill all your global IOT SIM-card needs.


Fast, easy, and efficient, adding value to your core business or your customers.



What makes NextIOT a unique provider of IOT SIM, is our Management Platform that is specially designed to manage all your IOT functions.

Our platform simplifies the process of SIM provisioning even in bulk numbers and reduces the costs by enabling you to activate, suspend, or terminate the SIMs as required.

It lets you meet your deployment schedules without usage charges while the SIM cards are in stock or distribution.
With NextIOT Online Management Platform you can access your SIM card portfolio from everywhere in the world.



One price, all-inclusive features.

Management Platform
Management Platform
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Global Roaming
Global Roaming
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Flexible Solutions
Flexible Solutions
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Cloud Based VPN
Cloud Based VPN
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Use Cases of IOT SIM Cards




Smart Metering


Asset Tracking


Smart Home


Fleet Management




Lina Dellla

Real Global Coverage! I can use our device without any problem alla around the world

Cherry Kufal

I was looking for 4G Coverga arounr the workd. All country covered

Josh Fernad

Our business relay on availability. We found real coverage of all network, all technology and all frequancy band

Our Team
Why Partner


Become a Resdora Partner and sell your IOT devices with confidence.

Our global connectivity, teamed with Online management portals and fast, technical support provide the perfect tools for a successful and efficient reseller arrangement. Through the use of our comprehensive API set, key tasks such as billing and SIM provisioning are made simple with the ability to interact with our billing platform directly from your own company website.

If you’re a retailer or manufacture connected devices, such as Pet Trackers, GPS Trackers, Alarms, Remote Sensors, Telematics Black Boxes, or any other IOT connected devices that you supply ‘ready to go’, we can remove the hassle associated with managing your SIMs, or integrating your system with a telecoms billing platform.

We believe in a flexible approach to partnerships, with partner programs to suit businesses of all sizes. As a partner, we can provide you with Sky IOT SIM cards plus all the tools and support you need to increase the value of your products.

Contact us today to discover all the benefits of partnering with Resdora and discuss the right Partner Program for your business.

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Resdora SA Via Serafino Balestra, 10
6800 Lugano Switzerland

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